Genuine. Deliberate. Dedicated.

Whether he is at work or at home, Patrick Mulvaney has always liked experimenting in the kitchen. While developing a new dish for the award-winning restaurant The Millworks, Chef Pat knew there had to be a better way to create sriracha.

Naturally Fermented was born.

Using fresh, all-natural ingredients, creative combinations and expert technique, Chef Pat creates the sriracha Central PA has come to love. Gently fermenting the peppers using wild lactobacillus strains gives the sauce its unique flavor.


Fermentation is an ancient practice that preserves your food and creates new bold flavors. The live culture makes probiotics beneficial for good digestion. Our sriracha is produced in accordance with nature.

Not Rushed. Not Flavored. Not Colored.

"Better Than Yo Spicy" Sauce currently comes in Green Chile Sriracha, but other sriracha variations are in the works.

Chef Pat is classically trained chef and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.

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